Select Comfort* vs. Air Beds Unlimited

Select Comfort® beds are the registered trademark name of a line of adjustable air beds manufactured by the Select Comfort® Corporation, which officially changed their Corporate name to Sleep Number® Corporation. Air Beds Unlimited does not sell or have any affiliation with the Select Comfort® or the Sleep Number® Brands! As opposed to the metal coils found in traditional innerspring mattresses, air bed mattresses are filled with simple air. In addition, the level of firmness provided by an adjustable air bed such as the ones manufactured by Select Comfort®/Sleep Number®, Air Beds Unlimited's Air Mattresses can also be very easily adjusted to meet the specific comfort/support needs of the individual(s) sleeping on them.


When it comes to air beds, Select Comfort®/Sleep Number® might be the most well known air bed manufacturer, due to the huge amount of advertising that they do, but it is certainly not the only one. There are several companies out there that have adjustable air beds you can buy. Not only are there airbeds out there that can be adjusted to suit your needs, many of the air beds will also allow your sleep partner to select the comfort level that is best for them. Air Beds like these are designed with dual air chambers as well as dual controls with digital readouts, so each person can adjust their individual side, to their perfect comfort level.

Finding the Most Comfortable Air Bed

Air Beds Unlimited just happens to be one of the premier companies which sells high quality, adjustable air beds. All of the beds we sell can be adjusted to suit your individual preference. Of course, our ability to provide adjustable beds at a fraction of the cost of Select Comfort®/Sleep Number® airbeds should provide you with a totally different level of comfort.

Rest assured that our beds are of the highest quality--in fact, we guarantee it. We offer a 30-day trial to ensure your satisfaction. Plus, Air Beds Unlimited offers a 5 Year Full Warranty, Limited to 25 Years (on the cloth/foam parts of our beds)! All of the foams we use are independently certified by CertiPUR-US. And are made in the USA. Which is good for the customer and good for the environment, We're positive you'll love the hand-stitched, continental tailored corners and fully assembled wood foundations--not to mention the free shipping and no sales tax (Except Colorado)! Give us a look and will hope you will see why "We Offer Much Better Air Beds at Much Better Prices".

*Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are registered trademarks.  We don't sell the Select Comfort® brand, and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity. The information on this web site, with regard to Select Comfort®/Sleep Number®, is Strictly For Comparison Purposes Only.