Healthy Mattress

Looking for a healthy mattress that will provide comfort and stability every time you sleep?   Air Beds Unlimited may have precisely what you need.   We have been supplying the very best air mattresses to discerning clients nationwide for over 30 years, and today these products are revered for their many healthful benefits*.   There may be no better way to address health concerns on a budget.

If you're like most people, you may have wondered what constitutes a truly healthy mattress.   The short answer is: SUPPORT.   That means you want a perfect fit that includes:

  • No pressure points, such as the kind you get from individual metal coils
  • No hot spots, which tend to come with cheaper materials
  • No flimsy batting that loses its elasticity over time
  • The kind of warranty that only comes with a medically sound, healthy bed

Healthy Mattress: Beyond the Pain

Our healthy mattresses do more than help relieve pain, however--in many cases, they can actually promote healing.   Most traditional coil mattresses stay essentially motionless while you sleep, but pressurized air promotes small, subtle motions every time you shift. The result is increased circulation--just what your body needs to restore itself to full vigor.   If you suffer from apnea, back pain, arthritis or another chronic ailment, you may be astonished at the difference*.

Feel free to look around this site and get to know the many kinds of healthy mattresses we offer.   With countless customizing options and a diverse array of features, Air Beds Unlimited products are designed expressly to serve your needs.   Please call us or write an e-mail and you can expect a substantive answer back immediately from the experts who make Air Beds Unlimited home.


*We are not doctors or medical professionals, so Air Beds Unlimited, LLC can not and does not make any claims, as to the medical benefits, of our products.   Individual experiences will vary, and we therefore do not guarantee or implying any particular experience or result for any particular customer.