Queen Air Beds

At approximately 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, queen size beds are by far the most popular size. This is primarily due to the fact that queen size beds offer people, couples in particular, a maximum amount of surface area for sleeping without taking up too much space in their bedrooms. As a result, people who live in tight quarters often view queen size beds as the most comfortable yet space saving bedding option.

If you are short on space but care about comfort, a queen size air bed may be the ideal option. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, a queen size air bed can be adjusted until it reaches a level of firmness that is ideal for you. This is important because over time your needs will probably change; when this occurs, all you have to do with an air bed is simply readjust the level of firmness. In contrast, a traditional mattress would have to be replaced as your needs changed.

Based on this alone, an air bed is clearly the convenient and affordable option. Moreover, the queen air beds distributed by Air Beds Unlimited can also be purchased with dual air chambers. This means that couples who share a bed can each adjust their side according to their changing needs.

Finding the Best Queen Air Beds

There is no need to worry about your queen size air bed fitting into your existing bed frame, because all of the queen air beds sold by Air Beds Unlimited come in the same standard dimensions as other traditional queen size mattresses. Purchasing a queen air bed won't put a major strain on your budget either. On average, our queen air beds cost approximately $500 dollars less than a traditional innerspring one! We highly recommend that you check out Air Beds Unlimited today and start sleeping more soundly.