Air Beds And Comfort

Like many other Americans, you have probably been inundated with one of those advertisements singing the glorious praises of sleeping on a deluxe air bed sleep system. As you were mesmerized by the thought of floating blissfully on air, you probably wondered to yourself if an air bed is really comfortable enough to sleep on night after night. If the industry sales figures are any indication, it would appear that a large number of people believe the answer to that question is "yes."

Since their introduction to the consumer in the early1980's, air beds have increasingly gained a larger share of the mattress market. The popularity of air beds is undoubtedly grounded in their ability to be adjusted to suit the individual preferences of the person sleeping on it. For a softer feeling air mattress, you simply add less air, whereas those who want a firmer air mattress will require more air.

What's more, several brands of air beds allow people who share a bed to adjust their individual sides of the air bed, until they each feel a comfortable firmness level. This eliminates the need for couples to fight over whether or not they will purchase a firm or soft mattress. Since traditional innerspring mattresses don't provide people with this degree of flexibility, the terms air beds and comfort have virtually become synonymous.

Unlimited Comfort

At Air Beds Unlimited, we have devoted a lot of attention to making our air mattresses as comfortable as possible. In addition to adjustable comfort controls, many of our air beds incorporate either state-of-the-art memory cell foam or latex foam. Both of these materials have demonstrated the ability to be molded to the exact contours of your body and thus can eliminate any pressure points that might cause body aches and/or restlessness. For a great night's sleep, Air Beds Unlimited has the comfort level you need at a price you can afford.