Dual Control Air Mattress

If you spend any time watching television, you have probably seen dozens of ads for dual control air mattresses.   Simply put, these are mattresses that allow you and a partner to choose different firmness settings while sleeping in the same bed.   Here at Air Beds Unlimited, we have been offering superior versions of these products for over 40 years, and today we are known as one of the foremost resources on the Web.

What can you get from an Air Beds Unlimited product that you cannot get from the competition?   Look at our comparison chart and you will notice just how many features distinguish us from the other leading manufacturers, including:

  • Superior materials, including Dual Welded/Bonded, Vulcanized Rubber Air Chambers (no glues or adhesives) with Medical Grade Air Hoses and valves that have the ability to check air flow.
  • Longer lasting interior materials, such as Pillow-Flex and high-density Memory Foam, to allow each partner to experience a truly custom posture
  • Intelligent, speedy inflation technology (no flaps) so your dual control air mattress is always adjustable, with the simple push of a button.

Do You Need a Dual Control Air Mattress?

Of course, before you buy a dual control air mattress, it's important to ask if you need one. These products are best suited to couples who may experience one or more sleeping difficulties, including snoring, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and many others.   If ailments like these make finding a compromise difficult, the Air Beds Unlimited approach may be exactly what you need.  These are beds that let each partner find comfort without disturbing the other.  Not everyone has a partner, so of course our air beds offer the same health advantages, for the single person or youngster!

Look around the site and be sure to review our full line of dual control, number bed products. These are air mattresses built to last, which is why we offer limited warranties of 25 years, for all of the covers/cloth/foam components, that we offer.   If you have any additional questions, we urge you to make contact with our team of experts today.