In the late 1860s, a patent was issued for the first coil-spring mattress. Then approximately 65 years later, the concept of the ever popular innerspring mattress sprang forth from that original design.   To this very day, almost 95 years later, the innerspring mattress has continued to dominate the industry.

Of course, in the late 1980s, people started discovering the benefits of sleeping on air.   This is basically around the time that airbeds were being commercialized for general use by the public.   Prior to this, airbeds were primarily used in hospitals to alleviate some of the discomfort experienced by bed-ridden patients.

When people started realizing that sleeping on an airbed could provide them with an ideal level of support without creating uneven pressure points, they became hooked.   In addition to carefully cradling every curve of the body, an airbed can also be adjusted to whatever degree of firmness will provide its occupant with the most comfort.   Moreover, if there is more than one person occupying the airbed, each side of it can even be separately adjusted to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Making Sure You Get the Right Airbed

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