Memory Foam Beds

Memory foam is defined as heat sensitive polyurethane or visco-elastic foam. It was initially developed in 1970 by the scientists at NASA to absorb the G-forces exerted on astronauts during take-off. Nowadays, memory foam is most commonly used as the primary building block in several revolutionary sleep systems.

At room temperature, memory foam can mold itself to the exact shape of the person laying on it. When the person stands up, it returns to its original shape almost instantaneously. These properties work together to reduce any pressure points that can crop up and cause people to experience sleepless nights or back problems during the day.

In addition to providing a peaceful night's sleep, many people have stated that they experienced relief from several serious and painful conditions when they slept on a memory foam bed. A few of the conditions that improved in some people after sleeping on a memory foam bed include headaches, backaches, bed sores, insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. With possibilities like this, it's no wonder why memory foam beds have become so popular with consumers!

Selecting a Memory Foam Bed That Suits Your Needs

In addition to beds, memory foam is being used to make many products such as pillows, mattress toppers and even pet beds. Since everyone has jumped on the memory foam bandwagon, the question as to whether or not all memory foam is created equal begs to be asked. However, when looking for a product constructed out of memory foam, the only really important thing is selecting one that suits your individual needs for comfort.

Of course, during your search, you will undoubtedly be confronted with a wide range of thickness, density, and firmness levels. Another thing you will come across is the term "open cell," which basically means that the foam is breathable and is thereby more resistant to mold and mildew. For this reason, all of the beds that are sold by Air Beds Unlimited can be purchased with a layer of one and one half inches of open cell memory foam. If you're concerned about the health of your back, it may be time to look into a memory foam bed from Air Beds Unlimited.