King Size Air Beds

If you regularly share a bed with a sleep partner, you probably already own or want a king size bed for optimal comfort. The Standard/Eastern King size bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches and thus sleeps two people rather comfortably. Now that you each have enough room to get a good night's sleep, you will want to select a mattress that provides both of you with the support and firmness you need.

The Fact Is, most sleep partners have different comfort and support level needs. Consequently, selecting a mattress that suits both of them can turn into a major ordeal. However, a couple could easily solve their problems by investing in a king size air bed that contains dual air chambers.

King size air beds with dual air chambers allow each side of the bed to be inflated to whatever comfort level is desired, for each individual. Thus if one partner likes their mattress firm and the other prefers it soft, there is no need to compromise. That's right--a king size air bed with dual air chambers will provide each person with exactly what they're looking for.

What We Offer

At Air Beds Unlimited we have the king size air beds available in ALL of our Series of Beds! You can even purchase one made using state of the art Memory Foam or Natural, Talalay Latex , which are designed to conform to each person's body and evenly distribute your body weight over its entire surface. If you add this feature to a model that includes our Dual Chamber Technology, you will not only have the freedom to set your side of the bed to your individual comfort level, you will never disturb your resting partner with your movements again.