Raised Air Beds

Is sleeping on an air bed placed on top of the floor better than actually sleeping on the floor itself?   Since the average floor is rather hard and quite cold, most people would probably answer yes to this question.   Raised air beds provide temporary comfort and a streamlined look to any bedroom.

This is the mind-set that led manufacturers of air mattresses to devise a method of lifting their products off of the ground.   Nowadays, raised air beds tend to look more like regular beds than the glorified sleeping bags that their predecessors resembled.

This makes them a much more attractive option for your overnight guests to sleep on, especially for those who might experience difficulty bending down to and then raising up from floor level. However, most people who buy raised air beds for guests eventually move them into the master bedroom once they realize how comfortable and supportive they are!  This then becomes a problem because raised air beds are not built with everyday use in mind and they cannot take the everyday wear and tear of a "Full Time Use" air bed.  The primary defects that we have seen are in how the seams are connected and the strength of the Polyurethane chamber material.  Plain and simple, they are prone to developing leaks.


Not Designed for Everyday Use

With so many attractive features, you might be tempted to sleep on your raised air bed all the time.  At Air Beds Unlimited, we encourage you to give in to that temptation.  However, we have not only raised our air beds off of the ground, we've raised the bar for the entire air bed industry.

Our company is in the businesses of offering luxurious air mattresses with adjustable comfort controls to the public.   All of our air chambers are "Cloth Covered, Vulcanized Rubber", "Multiple Baffled" and all of our seams, internally and externally, are connected by "Dual Welds"!  Guest Air Beds are prone to developing leaks around their seams.  Our air beds are designed for everyday use and are available in each of the six conventional sizes, from Twin to King Size (including California King).  Forget about the floor, once you inflate one of our beds, you will never want to sleep on an old innerspring mattress again!