Latex Foam Beds

Latex is a rubbery, white, and fluid-like substance that can be extracted from the seeds of various plants. It is also synthetically produced in the laboratory through a process known as polymerization. There are many uses for latex including serving as a key ingredient in the production of paints, adhesives and even in mattresses.

What's Behind Latex Foam Beds?

A growing trend in the mattress industry is that of latex foam beds. As their name indicates, latex foam beds are obviously made out of latex. However, consumers do have the option of purchasing a totally natural latex foam bed or one made out of a chemically equivalent version of latex. No matter what type of latex is used, the process of making a latex foam bed is primarily the same. The latex is whipped into foam and then poured into a mold. As the latex sets, it solidifies into the permanent mattress shape.

For added comfort, all latex foam beds are made with openings in them that are called pincore holes. If you prefer a softer bed, you should look for one with larger holes. However, some latex foam beds can be designed with pincore holes in varying sizes to provide different levels of comfort throughout the mattress.

In addition to the ability to choose an independent comfort level, a lot of people like latex foam beds because they provide a bouncy yet supportive feel. In addition, latex is a hypoallergenic material and is thus more resilient to dust mites. At Air Beds Unlimited we sell several beds made out of 100 percent latex foam, as well as some constructed out latex and a combination of other materials that are used to make some of today's most luxurious mattresses.