California King Air Beds

There are few items more luxurious or inviting than California King Air Beds, which may be why they remain among some of our hottest sellers.   Unlike smaller designs that may not afford the same level of decadence, these 72 inch wide and 84 inch long Air Beds represent the gold standard in sleeping indulgence.   Here at Air Beds Unlimited, we are proud to offer the best-made and lowest-priced options anywhere on the Web.

What makes our California King Air Beds different?   Take a look at our comparison chart for a handy overview of the features we offer.   Many of the most valuable design elements, such as hand-stitched corners, side and end "Sling Rail" reinforced edges and Dual Welded, Vulcanized Rubber, air chambers, are simply not available from our competitors.  This is hardly surprising when you consider we have been selling quality items such as these for over 35 years.

Why Our California King Air Beds Are So Popular

One of the keys to our success has been an abiding commitment to sterling customer care.   We offer free shipping to the contiguous United States, generous return policies and the most extensive warranties in the business.   Also, don't forget our "Lowest Price Guarantee".  Our testimonials page helps explain why we spend so little on marketing each year--simply put, the California King Air Beds speak for themselves.

If you have been shopping for superior California King Air Beds and do not relish the thought of overpaying for a less than equal, substandard product, we urge you to browse through our entire site today.   Our air beds confer health benefits and better slumber, and we always stand behind everything we sell.   Feel free to call today at 1 866 925-3737 Ext.2, with any questions and don't forget to ask about our daily "Offline" Specials.