Air Bed Comparisons

Just about every major retailer or distributor has a chart in their promotional materials comparing the products they sell to those sold by their competitors. In many cases, the chart succinctly compares the products provided by the company to the ones distributed by the current market leader. To gain a foothold in the industry, many businesses rely on this age-old marketing tool, and air bed retailers are no exception.

Getting What You Pay For

Air beds have been used for several years in the health care field. However, they only became popular with consumers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Select Comfort®* Corporation and its Sleep Number® concept launched its multi-million dollar marketing campaign to compare air beds to traditional innerspring mattresses. Although their elaborate efforts have brought a lot of positive exposure to the air bed industry, they unfortunately have been forced to pass the enormous expense of their promotions on to their customers.

At Air Beds Unlimited, we appreciate all the attention to the benefits of sleeping on air that Sleep Number® has stirred up and we aptly acknowledge that they make a sound product. However, we just want to let consumers know that just because their beds cost, on average, a minimum of $500 more than our air beds, it does not mean that they have a superior product. When you purchase a bed from Air Beds Unlimited, you are paying for is a higher-quality air bed, not high-priced advertising and expensive mall locations, all over the country.

Our Air beds offer the same 30-day trial , dual vulcanized rubber chambers and the ability to adjust each side of the bed separately, as the Sleep Number® Beds, but we bring much more to the table. Our beds feature exclusive "I-Beamed" Vulcanized Rubber Air Chambers with cross baffles , "Sling Rail" foam edges, Continental Tailoring and Pneumatic Air Inflators with digital readouts and memory settings.  Smart consumers also appreciate our low price guarantee and five year, limited warranty--a full three years longer than the warranty Select Comfort® provides! Simply put, our air beds offer superior comfort and quality, at a much more affordable price. Or as we like to say "A Much Better Air Bed at a Much Better Price".

*Select Comfort™ and Sleep Number™ are registered trademarks.  Air Beds Unlimited does not sell the Select Comfort™ brand and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort™ corporate entity!  The information on this site, with regard to Select Comfort™ and Sleep Number is for comparison purposes only.