Arthritis Beds

Living with arthritis can be a trial, which may be why so many experts recommend you find a bed that can help ease the burden. Arthritis sufferers know that the smallest movement or pressure can cause their joints to flare up, which is why it is so important to have even, forgiving support when they sleep. Here at Air Beds Unlimited, we believe our air mattresses may offer the perfect solution*.

Why go with an air bed instead of the traditional kind? The truth about spring mattresses is that no matter how well made they are, they will eventually begin to sag and pack in tighter. Deterioration such as this can spawn pressure points that irritate your joints, causing you to shift restlessly night after night.

Durable, Comfortable Arthritis Beds

Air beds represent a far wiser choice because they can be filled and refilled as necessary. Arthritis sufferers often tell us they never imagined they could experience such deep slumber without buying a new bed every few years. Here at Air Beds Unlimited, we also help your arthritis by offering a number of products that include an additional layer of comfort in the form of latex rubber or memory foam.

These are beds made to last, and we back up many of the products you see here with warranties of 25 years. If you want to experience far less pain with your arthritis, simply contact the Air Beds Unlimited team today. We look forward to helping you make the smartest choice for your needs.

*We are not doctors or medical professionals, so Air Beds Unlimited, LLC can not and does not make any claims, as to the medical benefits, of our products.   Individual experiences will vary, and we therefore do not guarantee or implying any particular experience or result for any particular customer.