Bed For Bad Back

There are few maladies more frustrating than a bad back, which may be why so many sufferers spend time and money looking for the perfect bed. After all, it is during sleep when our backs should rest and heal. With anything less than a perfect mattress, however, that long night can actually make the problem worse. This is why experts recommend you invest in something will conform to your body and offer the right blend of firmness and comfort.

Look no further. Here at Air Beds Unlimited, our products are designed expressly to help you with features such as:

  • Powerful synthetic rubber housing for robust support
  • Optional memory foam to trace the contours of your body and offer a more medically sound, distributed posture
  • Customizable firmness so no matter what befalls you, your bad back always has the right bed for the job

One Bed for Your Bad Back, One for Her Comfort

One of the great benefits of the Air Beds Unlimited approach is that you don't need to subject your partner to the firmness that works only for you. Dual-vulcanized rubber chambers let you dial the firmness up and down to suit each of you, providing the perfect night's sleep for everyone involved. Your bad back may start to feel better in a matter of days.

Proper spine alignment and posture are essential to the healing process for a bad back. If you want to learn more about sleeping health, Air Beds Unlimited products or anything else, feel free to ask the courteous team here anytime. We love talking about our exceptional inflatable beds.