Inflatable Air Beds

Inflatable air beds are only growing in popularity, and it isn't hard to see why. These elegant designs, once considered a cheap way to approximate the experience of a regular mattress, have today entered the mainstream with superior fabrics and better ways to control the firmness. They are no longer an inexpensive way to imitate traditional beds--they are the best products in the marketplace.

Much of the evolution can be attributed to innovative design and superior technology. Today's finest inflatable air beds come with a host of features to make every night a welcome and comfortable escape, including digital inflation control, memory foam padding and reinforced, hand-stitched seams. The products we offer here at Air Beds Unlimited even include vulcanized dual-chamber design to let you adjust your firmness independently of your partner's.

Inflatable Air Beds Make Life Easier

The advantages of inflatable air beds such as these are almost too numerous to count. Many physicians recommend these designs because they give you flawless and even support, without pressure points or hot spots. And families who may see shifting preferences over the years love the products because they can be dialed up or down as needed depending on who wants to sleep.

Today's top inflatable air beds last for decades and provide heavenly rest night after night. If you have been searching for something as affordable as it is irresistible, we urge you to take some time and browse the full catalog. At Air Beds Unlimited, we forego the marketing and focus exclusively on giving the best value in the industry.