Air Mattresses

There is no doubt that mattresses that contain an innerspring are the most common type.   As a matter of fact, they currently hold about 70 percent of the market share.   However, there are several basic problems with traditional innerspring mattresses that you would be wise not to ignore.

First of all, no matter how well constructed, all innerspring mattresses contain some sort of metal coil.   This means that the mattress is unable to conform to your body's shape and thus does not provide support everywhere you need it.   The coils will eventually lose their spring, bend or break and ultimately, the entire bed will have to be replaced.

When you stop to consider that the average innerspring mattress costs $2,000 and only lasts for six to seven years, you just might want to consider another option.   An alternate sleep solution, that is making a big impression in the mattress industry, are air mattresses.   With an average price of less than $1,500, an air mattress is definitely worth looking into.

Air Mattress Benefits

In addition to their reasonable price tag, air mattresses can be adjusted to fit the exact curve of your body, thereby eliminating any pressure points.   As a result, you sleep more soundly, toss and turn less often, wake up feeling more refreshed and experience fewer back aches. Furthermore, an air mattress will last much longer than a traditional innerspring mattress, because it doesn't contain wearable springs and it can easily be adjusted to suit the changing needs of your body, with a push of a button.

If you are interested finding out about air mattresses, Air Beds Unlimited would be happy to assist you.   Our air mattresses are the most affordable and best constructed around and start at a reasonable price of $849, for our standard king size air bed.   We are also proud to offer free delivery to any where within the contiguous United States and No Sales Tax, except for here in Colorado.   For a healthy and restful night's sleep, it may be time to switch to air!