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Air Beds Unlimited, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Mattresses in Highlands Ranch CO

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Convoluted Foam, 1 1/2", "Comfort Layer"

Our Convoluted Foam, 1 1/2", Comfort Layer, is anatomically designed to be firmer in the MIDDLE TO UPPER MIDDLE sections of the foam, than it is at the head or foot of the foam layer. That is where our weight as humans is concentrated. This foam insert goes inside of the Air Bed, on top of the air chambers and inside of the 4" wide, perimeter, rail system.

This is NOT A "TOPPER", that goes on top of the bed.

This Foam Comfort Layer IS NOT THE ORIGINAL/OEM Comfort Layer, that came with other Manufacturer's Beds, although it can work well, on the majority of "Soft Sided", Air Beds.

***If you have Any Questions regarding the use or description of this Comfort Foam Layer or Any Of Our Replacement Parts, PLEASE CONTACT US, PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE!!***

List Price: $150.00
Price: $0.00

Canvas Covered, Vulcanized Rubber, "I-Beamed", Air Chamber(s)
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Actual 6", 25 Gauge/Mil., Full Depth for Exceptional Comfort and Maximum Ability to be Adjusted. All Of Our Air Chambers Offer A Genuine European, Vulcanized Rubber and Canvas Covered, Dual Welded, "I-Beamed" Design, with Heavy Duty, Reinforced Hoses. Our Air Chambers have cross directional baffles thus offering both vertical and horizontal support, plus the additional advantage of "Cross Baffling". Here is a simple fact! When you lay down on an Air Bed, the air in the air chamber will want to go to a point of least resistance (to your head, feet or bulge out on the sides). Other Vulcanized Rubber Chamber Manufacturers use just hollow, horizontal tubes that don't distribute the internal air evenly, over the entire chamber. Common sense tells you that a "Baffled" (Tiny holes in the "I" Beams) Air Chamber System means better disbursement of the internal air, at any firmness, as opposed to an open tube system. The I-Beams will also give you much better support, side to side and head to foot! The reason they (the competitors) don't use the "Baffled" System is because they can't make them, can't get them or they don't want to spend the money to have somebody manufacture them! The competition mentions the word "Simplistic " which means "Cheap". Also, our Air Chambers have a "Side Panel" all the way around the chambers and along with our "Sling Rail" Perimeter Support, Rail System. This means that when there are 2 chambers, right next to one another, the chambers will "Butt Up" right next to each other, thus preventing any "Sagging", "Holes", "Troughs", "Gaps", etc. between the 2 Chambers. There is also no need for a "Foam Divider" between the 2 Chambers (unlike most of the "Number" beds)! ALL of the seams, on our Vulcanized Air Chambers, are DOUBLE WELDED and NOT GLUED. Some of our competition fail to tell their customers these facts. We have been involved in the forefront of Air Bed Technology, for over 40 Years, not just a couple of months. Beware of some of the so-called "Experts", who are not involved in the slightest bit, with Air Bed Technology! They are getting paid a referral fee to recommend a company.

For more details please click the image above.

***If you are replacing existing Air Chambers and are uncertain about the compatibility of our chambers (Height, Size, Material, etc.) and their connectors, please call us before you purchase these items, so that we can discuss your exact configuration and needs!***

List Price: $489.00
Price: $0.00

"NEW", Twist And Lock, (T-N-L) "CAM" CONNECTORS

These "CAM" Connectors Have Taken The Place Of The Original Twist-N-Lock, "Fixed Collar" (Gray or Cream Colored) Connectors/Valves. They Are Direct Replacements.

Easy to use and replace, if accidentally broken, our "NEW" Twist-N-Lock, barrel connectors lock in place, with the use of a "CAM", to prevent accidental disconnect during use. The connection is also effective in eliminating leakage associated with dust and pet hair, that is commonly found with Quick Connects. These connectors take the place of the older "Fixed Collar" Twist-N-Lock Valves and are connected by turning the "CAM" connection clockwise.

The CAMS come with Easy Replacement Instructions, Wire Ties and are Sent out via USPS Priority Mail, normally the same business day that they are ordered.

List Price: $29.95
Price: $0.00

Adaptor Valve for Other Pumps with 1/2" Hoses

Adaptor Valve for use connecting other manufacturers pumps, your existing valve and a section of your hose, to our CAM Connectors, which come with all of our Air Chambers.

List Price: $29.95
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Exclusive  CertiPUR-USŪ, Foam "Perimeter Support" Design
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With the use of our components, our exclusive "Perimeter Support" 1.8 lb. Density, CertiPUR-USŪ approved foam rail design, prevents the bed from bowing out on the sides. “CertiPUR-USŪ certified foam products are "simply better for you and better for the environment". Other manufacturers rails only lock in at the corners, (think "Lincoln Logs") or use Velcro . Our head and foot rails are separately connected, as are the two side rails, with a thin, non stretchable, layer of cloth. This "Perimeter Support" design, forms a non rigid box, inside of the bed, forcing our air chambers tight together (no bowing), eliminating the "Foam Wall" layer that some companies have, in-between some of their, dual air chambers. Our Sling Rail System eliminates the noticeable, physical divide "WALL", between dual air chambers. Our Rail, Perimeter Design, makes assembly, Truly Easy!

For more details, please click the image above. Again, this "Perimeter Support" rail system is designed for the specialized components offered in our Air Beds and may not supply the above, described results, with other Air Bed Components. The Rail Systems are considered "Special Orders" and may take longer for delivery.

If you have questions, please give us a call!

List Price: $299.00
Price: $159.00

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