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Air Bed Assembly and Customer Tips:


**Please Read All Instructions, Prior To Assembly**

All of Our Air Beds and Adjustable Bed Frames will come with Complete Assembly Instructions and Warranty Information. You also will be receiving a YOU TUBE "Air Bed Assembly Link" on your purchase tracking email.

It is really quite simple to assemble your new Air Bed or Adjustable Bed Frame, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us!

Toll Free

1 866 925-3737 EXT.2


The Contents of Your Air Bed Delivery Will Include the Following:

A) Mattress Cover or Shell.
B) 2 Sets of "Sling" Foam, Perimeter Rails (1 Head to Foot System and 1 Side to Side System).
C) Air Inflator: Either the Digital "Ultra" Air Inflator or the Adjust-A-Rest "SQ" Super Quiet Air Inflator.
D) Attached "Wired" Remote Controls.

E)  Air Chamber(s)  (1 for Single Air Chamber, 2 for Dual Air Chambers)
F) 1.0", 5 Zone, Standard Convoluted Foam Layer or 1.0" Memory-Cell Comfort Layer Upgrade. **
G)  Pre Assembled, Solid Wood Base or Foundation. (Optional)

(Not Knock Down or Plastic.)

(Also included will be any accessories (Bed Legs, Mattress Protectors, Chili Cubes, Pillows, Massage Units, etc.)
**You will also have an additional 3" layer of combo, Memory/Latex Foam, if you purchased the Series 8, Emerald Air Bed.


air bed assembly


air bed mattress cover


2. Place mattress cover on a flat surface

(Box Spring Foundation or our recommended Matching, Wood, Foundation). Unzip the cover(shell) top completely. (If you purchased the Series 8 Emerald Air Bed, unzip the zipperclosest to the top on the pillow-top and insert the combination Memory/Latex foam layer, into the removed top layer. The Latex Layer/Side will have holes drilled into it.)  Place the cover so that the ends, with the exit holes on the underside, are at the head of the bed. Position the foam rails. The head and foot rails should be positioned first, with the head rail "A" dot on the upper left side, pointing up. The side with razor cut exit holes in the fabric, for the air hoses to exit, will say HEAD RAIL; make sure this rail is at the head of the bed. Then place in the side rails, with it's "B" dot lining up with the HEAD RAIL "A" dot.  Don't worry about any wrinkles to your new Air Bed or internal components.  They will disappear, once the system has been inflated.


3. Unfold the Air Chamber(s)

and place them flat inside the mattress cover and between the "Sling" foam rails (1 for single, 2 for dual). With the hose on the bottom and facing the head of the bed, run the air hose(s) through the exit holes in the Cloth nearest the Head Rail and then through the eyelet holes in the cloth cover.


air chamber for air bed



4. Unpack the Air Inflator

and place it on the floor, at the head of the bed. Plug the Air Inflator, preferably into a "Surge Protector" or directly into a 110-volt electrical outlet. The Digital "Ultra" Air Inflators and the Adjust-A-Rest "SQ"all have 2 air outlet ports or nozzles. The Air Inflator should be positioned so that these ports/nozzles are facing away from the head of the bed and towards the wall. Take the hoses from the Air Chamber(s) and connect to the air outlet on the Air Inflator. Make sure the left hose goes to left port and right hose goes to right port, as they are facing the wall. Take the hose from the Air Chamber(s) and connect it to the Air Inflator by pushing the tip of the hose into the air outlet and turning the ring collar lightly clockwise, until it stops.  Then lightly turn the collar clockwise (Approximately 1/32") and you will feel a click and the valve is now locked in place. You may have to use more torque with your fingertips, in order to lock the CAM valve(s). (DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS TO LOCK THE CAMS ON!)  Again, the valve collar MUST be lock onto the air inflator port, to insure a proper seal.  You will twist the collar gently clockwise over the Air Inflator Port until it stops and then gently twist the collar approximately a 1/32" more and you should feel or hear a slight "Click"  (DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS TO LOCK THE CAM ON!) Once the Air Chambers are inflated, you can now slide your Air Inflator under you bed.  Make sure the hoses are not kinked in any way and be careful when cleaning under the bed, to avoid hitting the attached valves and breaking them.  If the valves do get broken, they are replaceable.  Again, we also recommend that the air inflator be plugged into a "Surge protector".  A single appliance surge protector will work just fine.


5. Inflate the air mattress:

Take the remote control and press one of the FIRM ( ) buttons to inflate one air mattress. The indicator light on the control will illuminate to indicate the inflator is activated. Repeat with the other air mattress using the FIRM ( ) or SOFT ( ) buttons to adjust mattress firmness.




6. Place the Convoluted or Memory-Cell comfort layer on top


of the air mattress with the convolute side up. (If you prefer, you may place convoluted
comfort foam mat under the air mattress instead of on top.)  At this point make sure that all the internal components (the "Sling" rails and the Air Chambers) are squared up, inside the bottom part of the cloth shell. (Push down on the foam rails about every 12", while pulling up on the cloth with the 1/2 zipper, all the way around the bed.)  Position the cover back over the bed and zip it up. to insure proper alignment, make sure that the Insert Pin has been completely inserted into the Slide Box.  It is sometimes easier to let out some of the air in the chambers, to make it easier to zip up.  If the zipper comes lose it can be restarted, as we use "Self Mending" Zippers.  Use of a mattress protector is recommended, to help keep your Air Bed cover clean.


Everyone's optimum firmness level is unique. Your comfort level may also change with time.  One Advantage of Sleeping On a Air Bed is that the firmness of your sleep surface can be adjusted to suit your body's own personal preferences!

To initially determine your comfort level, may we suggest the following tips:


  • After fully inflating your Air Bed, assume your "Sleep Position". Lay down on the Air Bed for a few minutes, to let your body adjust to the firmness and feel of your new Air Bed. Physically feel how the bed forms to your bodies contours or doesn't. (EG:) The small of your back, your hips, sides, shoulders, etc.
  • From this point, do not pay any attention to the digital, numeric readout. First, press the soft button, on your remote control, and let air out until you feel as though your body is "Sagging".  For a minute or two, feel how the "Sagging"Air Bed feels under all the different contours of you body (Your Back, Hips, Sides, Shoulders etc.)  Now press the button and fill the air bed to where your body feels the pressure was to begin with (No Peeking at the Numbers). Stop! This is a good initial firmness setting and if you were at a Select Comfort Store, they would now say "This Is Your Sleep Number"!  
  • Also, if you have visited a Select Comfort/Sleep Number Showroom and have gotten your "Sleep Number", you can divide that Sleep Number by 2, to start your adjustment period.  If you have a Memory Feature,  set the memory now. 
  • Studies have shown that any setting over 33 mm/Hg, can cause Pressure Points, which can cause people to toss and turn and interrupts the Deep "REM" Sleep, that we all require!  The majority of those people who own our air beds sleep at a setting of between 20-25 mm/Hg.  We have also found that people that have hip and shoulder issues, usually get more relief at settings between 15-19 mm/Hg.  People with back issues and stomach sleepers seem to prefer settings in the mid to high 20's mm/Hg. 
  • In the future, if the air bed feels to soft or to hard, you can always soften it or firm it up by pressing the   buttons.  We find the best setting is the one that makes you feel as though you are "Floating", which is much different than having pressure from springs, pressing up against your body, causing you to toss and turn!  "Floating" is not "Sagging"!  Floating is the absence of pressure against your body.  Please remember that you sleep more "IN" an Air Bed than "ON" an Air Bed!
  • Shortly you will find the comfort level that is suited to you. Once you have found your initial comfort level, allow your body to adjust to your new sleep surface for a few Nights (5-7 Nights) , before making any major adjustments.
  • Remember that every time you make a Any Adjustment to the comfort / firmness level, you will be starting the adjustment process all over.  It will be like getting a whole new bed and it again may take a few Nights before your body will adjust to it!  There is no "Magic Number" or Setting that your body will tell you is instantly perfect!  Please do not expect immediate gratification or complete relief of your chronic issues, that you may have had for years.  Muscles have memory and the chances are, they will need to be given the time needed to be retrained and let the new air bed do it's work!   It took time for your body to get into the shape it is in and it may take some time to for it to recover.


Trouble-shooting Guide:

Excessive or Physically Noticeable Loss of Air

(Not Minor Fluctuations of the Digital Readout, attributed to changes in room temperature or even barometric pressure.)

In Addition You May View Our PDF Troubleshooting Tips at the Link Below:

Check the New Black CAM Connectors, to MAKE SURE THEY ARE LOCKED.   The Black CAM valves have a rotating collar, that will twist clockwise to a point of stopping and then the collar must be twisted slightly more (a mere 1/8" - 1/4") where you will feel or hear a slight click.  Don't over tighten.  When the collar is locked, it will not twist easily with your fingertips, in either direction.


On air beds that are over a 6 years old, the fixed collar valve may be either GRAY or Cream Colored and Lock 1/4", Counter-Clockwise.  Be careful not to overtighten these older, Gray, T-N-L Barrel Connectors.  Occasionally with the older Gray/Cream Connectors, the torque on the hose could be "negative" meaning that the hose torque is trying to go the opposite (clockwise) direction than when tightened (counter-clockwise), so you may want to rotate the hose and valve 360 degrees+ in the opposite direction (clockwise) than when connecting to the valve on the Inflator (counter clockwise), so then there is a positive torque, to the valve on the Inflator.  Again, the gray/cream valve on the hose is locked onto the Air Inflator, after a little over a 1/4", counter-clockwise twist.

The design of the new Black CAM Connectors eliminates the worry of hose torque, causing disconnection of the valve from the Air Inflator.
Ensure there are no holes or cracks in the air hoses. (If your Air Bed was bought from another manufacturer.  Our Hoses are Medical Grade and don't develop cracks.)
Check that the control button is not stuck on "Soft".
Lubricate the rubber ring on the air outlet port with a slight film of vegetable oil. (After 5 years of use.)  If the "O" Ring is cracked, it may be replaced by a #8 "O" Ring.

If after doing the steps above and the Air Chamber is still losing air, blow up your Air Chamber to a comfortable, sleeping level.  Then, disconnect the Air Hose from the Air Inflator (there is a check valve in the connector that will seal the hose and keep it from losing air.)  See if it (the Air Chamber) physically loses air after it is disconnected.  You may stick the hose end (the entire valve and part of the hose) into a glass or container of water, to see if there are any "tiny" bubbles, coming from where the hose is clamped onto the valve or from the valve itself.  Tiny, continuous bubbles, obviously means there is a leak and the valve may be cracked.  The valve is replaceable. Now, if their are no bubbles and the Air Chamber continues to get softer, the problem is somewhere else on the chamber.  Call Us!   If the Air Chamber continues to keep the same pressure physically, after a few hours or overnight, then the problem could be with the Air Inflator.  If you have a Digital Readout, Air Inflator and the number readout varies to an extreme or reads LO or HI, unplug the unit from the power source. Then hold down each Memory Button, SEPARATELY for 1 to 2 minutes. Let the pump sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then plug the pump back into the power source. This will reboot the pump and can many time fix the issue. You will have to reenter your Memory Settings as the reboot cancels all settings.  Call Us if this does not solve the problem!  We also may have additional trouble shooting tips so please Call Us, Toll Free 1 866 925-3737 Ext. 2 and we will immediately attempt to resolve whatever your issue may be.


Remote control operates but mattress will not inflate or deflate on demand

Ensure there are no bends or crimps in the air hoses.
Ensure your hose connections are secure and locked into place.   (See Above)
Unplug your Air Inflator from the electrical outlet. If you have pump with a Memory Feature, hold down each memory button separately, for 1-2 minutes. Then let the unit sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Next, plug the Pump back into it's power source.  Now, try using your Firm and Soft buttons to see how the pump reacts. This will "Reboot" the Inflator and can fix many issues where the pump is reading LO/High or all over the place. You WILL HAVE TO RESET you Memory Settings, after the reboot as the old memory setting have been cleared. If you need additional assistance, just give us a call.


Air Inflator does not engage or makes a clicking sound.

Check your power source.  Plug in a lamp or radio to make sure your outlet has power.  (We recommend the use of a "Surge Protector".)
Check "External" fuse only.  (Do not open unit.  Warranty will be voided!)   Replace damaged fuse, if necessary.

Follow the rebooting instructions from above.  If these tips don't work, Call Us!



Contact:  Air Beds Unlimited    

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Dear Michael:

"I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our air beds. As a Nurse Practitioner I often talk to my patients about the importance of good sleep. I can truly say that these beds offer amazing comfort. I was skeptical about ordering our beds online, but from the initial phone call I felt well cared for! My husband and daughter were worried about the quality of the product and their sleep. Both love their air beds and are sleeping great! Thanks for the great product and substantial savings! I'm glad I did the research that lead me to your site! I'm sure we'll be returning for our other children in the future.


Jackie Tomko NP NY

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